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A Little About Us

Back in 1974, nobody in Texas had seen a new log home in almost 100 years. Sam Satterwhite was a young man fresh out of college, building a "bachelor pad"; a small but unusual A-frame house just a few hundred yards from his parent's home. As he chatted with a passerby, a question came that would change his life:

"Sam, if you can build something as different as an A-frame, how about building me a log home?" - Bill Snow in 1974

Today, Satterwhite Log Homes is one of the nation's leading log home companies. Tens of thousands of families have built with Satterwhite. You can find Satterwhite homes in virtually every state, and all around the world.


Longview, Texas

Monday - Friday 8am -5pm
Saturday 7am - Noon
Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

8405 US Highway 259 N
Longview, Texas 75605

Toll Free (800) 777-7288
Voice (903) 663-1729
Fax (903) 663-1721

Ellijay, Georgia

Monday - Friday 8am -5pm
Saturday 9am - 2pm
Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

14378 Highway 515 N
Ellijay, Georgia 30536

Toll Free (800) 918-6881
Voice (706) 636-6881
Fax (706) 636-6882

Gunnison, Utah

Monday - Friday 8am -5pm
Saturday 8am - 12pm
Closed Sundays & Major Holidays

911 East Highway 89N
Gunnison, Utah 84634

Toll Free (888) 882-4645
Voice (435) 528-5001
Fax (435) 528-5003

Quality products require the highest quality raw materials. Unlike most log home companies who use locally convenient materials, Satterwhite has searched the entire North American continent seeking wood with exact characteristics.

The log home industry is notorious for endless debates about wood species. But one factor is a constant, regardless of tree type, and that is moisture content. The simple fact is that living trees have high water content, and that the dimensions of wood change dramatically as it dries after being cut.

By starting with trees that have been killed by natural causes, then allowed to dry over time in arid conditions of the American West, Satterwhite sidesteps all the issues and costs of working with green cut living trees. And, it turns out, the natural solution is the best solution for thorough dryness and long term stability.

Besides superior performance, many people prefer building their log home without cutting living trees.

There are three distinct ways to buy from Satterwhite Log Homes

Log Walls Only

You build it. House logs are the essential ingredient of any log home. Satterwhite sells in single units, essentially a "log home lumber yard."

Material Package

You build it. We supply a package of materials necessary to dry-in your home. House logs, framing lumber, plywood, doors, windows, etc.

Constructed Shell

We provide materials and labor. Our experienced team will dry-in your log home.